All-girl power trio NOT UR GIRLFRENZ is taking the music scene by storm with their own brand of high-energy songs, award-winning performances (not kidding…They have actually WON stuff!) and a fast-growing fan base. Fresh off their recent, SOLD OUT, tour with pop punk icons Bowling for Soup, NOT UR GIRLFRENZ is gearing up for a run on 2018 Vans Warped Tour (the youngest touring band in Warped's 24-year history).  

"From the first time Not Ur Girlfrenz stepped on the Lava Cantina stage, we all knew they were special. Their hard work and passion propelled them from some kids playing in a garage to now being Rock Stars commanding crowds in every venue they play!" - Ian Vaughn - Owner - Lava Cantina The Colony 

"Its inspiring for me to see a young band playing as hard and as good as most bands twice their age. I can't wait to see what the next few years bring them. Oh yeah , and they're GIRLS! - Kelly Dollyrot - The Dollyrots

The band are currently busy in the studio recording their first EP of original material as well. Get a taste of what they have in store by checking out their new single “Never Stop” on Youtube, Spotify, iTunes, or wherever you stream music!! Recently, NOT UR GIRLFRENZ were featured in Reliant Energy's aptly-named "Girl Power" ad campaign with VO by fellow Texan Matthew McConaughey.  

Liv Haynes (13) is a tour de force on guitar and lead vocals; Maren Alford (13) beats the drums like they owe her big money; and Gigi Haynes (12), keeps it sick and steady on bass. Managed by Jaret Reddick (Bowling for Soup, Phineas and Ferb), the band burst on the scene with a covers of the U2 classic "I Will Follow” and The Cure’s “Friday (I’m in Love) in late 2017. They haven’t stopped since!! 

Kevin Lyman - Not Ur Girlfrenz

See what Kevin Lyman, Founder of Van's Warped Tour had to say about Not Ur Girlfrenz on Twitter above!


Live Show

See Cover of Fall Out Boy's "Centuries" by Not Ur Girlfrenz below.

See Cover of Fall Out Boy's "Centuries" by Not Ur Girlfrenz below.


Don't let this trio of tween girls fool you. Not Ur Girlfrenz plays with hard rocking energy and an obvious passion for what they're doing. These girls are going to go far, and they put on a great show!”

— Plano Magazine


I have seen it all, but I never expected to be so blown away when I met NOT UR GIRLFRENZ! First things first - DO NOT have a preconceived idea of this band because of their age. NOT UR GIRLFRENZ ROCKS! I mean, these girls can play! Live and in the studio, they continue to impress me. Watch out world - they are coming for you! ”

— Jaret Reddick, Lead Vocalist/Songwriter, Bowling for Soup and Music Producer

I have seen hundreds of showcases - but THAT was insane! They are incredible - these girls are fantastic! ”

— Robin Jones Doak, Founder of Radio Disney

These girls brought the house down! Their youthful energy is so much fun to watch, and their song selection is killer. I'm a fan - I think I'm stuck in the Frenzone! ”

— Tre Nagella, Grammy Award Winning Producer

Not Ur Girlfrenz are true rock stars in the making. The energy, the vibe, everything about their performance was fantastic! Such great presence and true professionalism on stage!”

— Ian Vaughn, Owner of Lava Cantina

When I have a daughter, I hope she's a female empowered rock star, like all three these girls. Seriously, they are amazing! ”

— Matthew JC, Emmy Award Winning Filmmaker and Musician

These girls are going to shock a lot of people -- they are better musicians than many twice their age! ”

— Perry Neal, Owner, The Track Studio Dallas


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